International Investor Mortgages

Why Have an International Investor Mortgage?

Historically, most overseas property markets are incredibly resilient. Although not guaranteed, the possibility for capital growth over the long term remains high with an International Investor Mortgage.


Whether you’re seeking new investment opportunities or looking to grow your property portfolio on the international stage, F&M Finance has the experience and accreditation to provide International Investor Mortgage solutions for our clients.


Providing knowledgeable insight, trustworthy analysis and expert understanding of global property and investment trends, we are able to lean on over 20 years’ worth of experience when advising you on International Investor Mortgages.


It is always worth remembering that the world is a hectic, ever-changing place, therefore, trying to source an International Investor Mortgage can seem difficult at times. That’s why we support buyers looking to invest in overseas markets and can advise based on the conditions of them.


What Makes an International Investor Mortgage So Appealing?

Key features of an International Investor Mortgage;

  • • Up to 80%
  • • Loans from 25k to 5m
  • • Up to 25 years
  • • Any location


From terms starting from 3 months to 30 years and pre-approval terms to market leading rates, we have strong relationships with UK, international and private banks.