Bridging & Short-Term Finance

Why Use Bridging or Short-Term Finance?

Flexible in their use, a bridging or short-term loan can be used to provide some breathing space while other finances are secured. Usually completed in days and weeks rather than months and years, a bridging loan is an excellent option for those who need fast access to capital. Other circumstances in which Bridging Finance may be useful include auction purchases, paying an urgent debt or a much-needed cash injection.


The team at F&M Finance work closely with our clients to understand what their short-term funding requirement is, the likely term of the loan, how the loan will be repaid and any other requirements the client may have.


We pride ourselves on our quick and simple application process, flexible rates, short- and long-term facilities and the fact that 100% funding is available with additional security provided. Furthermore, speed is essential in bridging finance and, on average, we can achieve first inquiry to completion within 7-10 working days.


Indeed, the interest rate on Bridging Finance is predominantly between 1-1.5% per month.


What Makes Bridging Finance So Appealing?

Key features of Bridging Finance include;

  • • Interest rates from 0.4% per month, dependent on the LTV required.
  • • Loans sizes from £25,000 upwards, with no maximum.
  • • No redemption fees or exit fees in many cases
  • • Available throughout the United Kingdom, and some European countries.
  • • Bad or Adverse credit Bridging Loans available
  • • Loans from 1 month all the way to rolling monthly over many years.
  • • No upper age limit for borrowers
  • • Loan to Values (LTVs) of up to 80%, and up to 100% with additional security.


What Can Bridging Finance Be Used For?

Bridging Finance can be used for all manner of reasons. Be it the fast purchase of a property, which may include an auction for example; the purchase of a property that is not deemed to be mortgage-able; or even refurbishment, restoration or conversion costs. In addition, Bridging Finance can also be used for below market purchases, which is advanced based on the value of the property, and equity release – as long as the funds released are used for business reasons.


F&M Finance can access better Bridging Finance than most lenders.