Development Exit Finance

Why Use Development Exit Finance?

If you require more time to sell or refinance your development property or properties, Development Exit Finance could help. Designed to elevate pressure, a Development Exit Loan can provide not only the breathing space you need to sell your property, but also the peace of mind in which to do it.


Often a short time period for sale is allowed. In many cases, these periods are not quite long enough. Once the construction risk is alleviated and work has advanced significantly, it is possible to consider Development Exit Finance. This then gives you a longer marketing and sales periodwhich, in turn, canenable you to sell without any time pressuresat prices you are more willing to accept.


Rates typically range from 0.55% – 0.75% per month with Development Exit Finance.


At F&M Finance, we want to afford you more control over the sales and financing process, taking away the stress of worrying about time constraints.


What Makes Development Exit Finance So Appealing?

Key Features of Development Exit Finance include;

  • • Up to 80 LTV%
  • • Arrangement Fees from 1% on developer exit products
  • • Interest Rates from 0.4% per month
  • • No exit fees or Early Repayment Charges (ERC’s)
  • • No Up Front Fees
  • • Up to 36 months with development exit loans
  • • Available in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • • Facilities for first time developers are available
  • • Option to retain part of your proceeds from every unit sold
  • • Adverse Credit cases can be funded
  • • Fast completions possible with exit finance
  • • Interest can be rolled up, retained or paid monthly.


Developers do not want to have to sell their properties under significant pressure, nor do they want to face extension fees. Both can substantially reduce profits. Indeed, Development Exit Finance can provide the time needed to market and sell the remaining properties. With no exit fees, you can repay the loan as quickly or as slowly as you wish.