Commercial Mortgages

Why Have a Commercial Mortgage?

The long-term benefits of a Commercial Mortgage are plain to see. From there being no scope for rent increases to simply being able to decorate as and when you see fit, if you’re looking to purchase your own property then a Commercial Mortgage is the ideal fit for you and your business.


When it comes to purchasing commercial property, we know how vital cash flow is. That’s why, as part of our drive to continually support and help businesses, we offer Commercial Mortgages.


So, whether you’re looking to invest in, purchase or re-mortgage a commercial property – be it a large residential portfolio or a singular home – we’ve got a range of Commercial Mortgages for a number of different scenarios.


What Makes a Commercial Mortgage So Appealing?

Key features of a Commercial Mortgage include;

  • • Up to 75% LTV
  • • Interest only & repayment available
  • • Full commercial, semi-commercial & buy-to-let portfolios
  • • All industries covered
  • • Option to borrow over a long period
  • • Flexible repayment terms of 5-30 years
  • • No restrictions on how you use your capital
  • • Typically issued with a minimum amount of £10,000 and no upper limits


A specialist Commercial Mortgage tailored to your needs can be more flexible than a traditional property loan. It is also available across an eclectic range of property types.


In addition, an imperfect credit history will not prevent you from qualifying for a good mortgage.