Deal Wall

£ 17,503,300

Lent to date

First Time Developer

£ 3000000

Bridging, Development & Buy to Let Finance

A complex deal that involved the purchase of a listed building with a combined facility to refurbish, redevelop and re-finance the site into fourteen apartments in two acres of landscaped grounds.


£ 50000

Commercial Mortgage

We helped an owner occupier purchase his industrial trading premises quickly so that he could avoid having to move premises.

Property Investor

£ 40000


We supported a retired British Army veteran to refurbish an affordable co-living space for other veterans that provided a high standard of living and support.

Property Developer

£ 620000

Bridging & Development Finance

We supported one of our returning clients with his latest purchase and refurbishment project converting a derelict house into saleable apartments.

BTL Investors

£ 1000000

Buy To Let

We helped a local sales and letting agent purchase a number of properties to increase the portfolio they had already built under a new structure.

National Investor

£ 200000

Buy to Let

Following an introduction by a  local valuer we helped our client finance a semi-commercial property in North Liverpool without the client needing to come up from his base in London.

Paper Producer

£ 310000


Our client was in the middle of restructuring his business when he was levied a large tax bill – we secured an open ended bridge for the client on the trading property that gave him the space to settle the debt and pay less each month.

HMO Investors

£ 285000


Following a referal from one of our accountant partners we supported this client through the purchase and re-development of two property conversions to HMO’s.


£ 1100000

Development Exit Finance

Following a referal from one of our solicitor partners we helped a client exit very expensive development finance onto a more suitable product whilst they completed on sales which allowed them to release funds to pay for planning permission on a new site.

Property Developer

£ 803000

Bridging, Development & Exit Finance

Our returning client was looking to progress his third development project, given his experience this was a vanilla opportunity for the lender as we made sure the client was ready and able to provide the requirements almost upon request.

Local Builder

£ 130000


A local builder approached us to help them purchase a run down property at auction and provide funds to assist with the redevelopment – we secured both an a specific product designed for this reason.

Husband & Wife Team

£ 200000


Following a referal from a local mortgage broker we helped her client secure the funds to buy an un-mortgagable property to put in the minimum requirements before she refinanced them out.

Property Sourcer

£ 136800

Buy To Let

Assisted a property sourcing agent to refinance a investment property in Liverpool City Centre.

International Investors

£ 3700000

International Buy To Let

We have supported 50 investors complete on buy to let mortgages in the UK; through our network of International Introducers this has allowed investors to continue to grow

Property Developer

£ 850000

Development Finance

Our returning client came to us for financing on his next development to refurbish a City Centre building into nine apartments.

Portfolio Landlord

£ 64000

Buy to Let

Our returning client was looking for finance in order to purchase a new property for his extensive portfolio.

Large Portfolio Landlord

£ 225000

Buy to Let

Our returning client came to us asking for a refinance on 8 properties they had held for a number of years -we sourced a product that cost no lender fees and saved them money.

New Landlord

£ 100000


Our client was looking to buy a property in need of substantial repairs ahead of mortgage – we found a lender ready and able to lend quickly to secure the property.


£ 245000

Development Finance

Our returning client was looking for funds to complete a heavy refurbishment project on a property he already owned – this allowed for maximum lending from the funder at a low loan to value.

Property Developer

£ 84500

Auction Finance

Our client was looking to secure a site without planning, this is normally very tricky but with the clients experience and low loan to value we found a great lender at a great rate.

Property Investor Partnership

£ 985000

Buy to Let

Experienced property professionals who had been looking to exit a development finance facility we had set up for them; with lockdown in full swing we found an attractive loan to value.

Experienced Landlord

£ 55000

Buy To Let

Our experienced client was looking to refinance part of his portfolio to release funds to re-invest in new properties.

Property Developer

£ 575000

Buy to Let

Our client was looking to exit a long standing HMO development that was applauded as one of the best in Liverpool by the valuer.

Semi Commercial Investor

£ 123000

Buy to Let

A local mortgage broker introduced us to one of her clients in order to source a semi commercial property mortgage enabling him to buy a flat and shop on one title.

Property Investor

£ 102000

Semi Commercial Mortgage

We assisted the client in the purchase of a low value semi commercial property, very few lenders in the space and we got this over the line.

Portfolio Landlord

£ 650000

Buy to Let

We assisted our client to refinance and capital raise on his portfolio in order to forward fund other business projects.

Portfolio Landlord

£ 450000

Buy to Let

Assisted a portfolio landlord to refinance 4 properties 2 of which are low value and 1 is semi commercial.


£ 325000


Refurb project for an investor in Cambridge – we sourced the bridging and surplus development funds to get this deal over the line.

HK Buy to Let Investors

£ 1000000

Buy to Let

12 completions in the last three months for our International clients adding value and managing the team to completion.

Portfolio Landlord

£ 95000

Buy to Let

Small one off purchase for an existing client

Excellent service on both our refinances – we have a total of 15 properties refinanced and looking forward to doing more.

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