Why We Do It


Everyone has potential and when the opportunity to realise that potential comes along, most people don’t have the contacts or experience they need to make it work; this means many never realise the dreams they have or, worse, get started only for it all to fall apart. Through getting to know our clients and working with them to visualise and articulate the goals they have, we can provide the knowledge, resources and financing they need to take the practical steps to achieve those targets, expand horizons and help them shape a bigger, brighter future. Our client’s success is our success. We strongly believe that you shouldn’t be denied the chance to reach your full potential, by not having access to the right resources at the right time.

Our Vision

We have a vision that when you and your business need funds, you will be greeted by a friend – a partner who knows you and your goals.

They will be people who you have built a relationship with and know all the appropriate options to drive your success.

They will be with you for the whole journey, helping you make the right choices, building success with you and working hard to help you meet your ambitions.

You will trust them and never worry that they are putting their own interests first, never needing to stop and question integrity, honesty or value.

Our aim is to be that partner and on our journey to mutual success we are in this together.

Our Mission

To support the growth of the Merseyside business community by raising £100 million for local businesses with a target date of 2022. We will be supporting 30 businesses into long term sustainability and prosperity who will be achieving their goals, developing their staff and skills and be investing back into the business community themselves.



I am an experienced portfolio director and business builder; from founding and running a small IT reseller to being a director of a national financial intermediation services provider I have always been opportunities, ideas and innovation led.


Working in Corporate and Commercial Finance lets me assist motivated people looking for ways to make a business stronger. Some businesses need to strip back to basics to see what they are good at and how they can energise core success, others are ready to take steps to either regional, national or international presence through capital restructures, debt and equity investment, natural growth or by acquisition.


As a strong believer in relationships, I always look to establish sustainable partnerships with both internal and external stakeholders because people are always the key to long term success; they will help you, challenge you and most importantly develop you – having a great relationship with an advisor can make or break a deal and my aim is to be that critical friend, with knowledge and advice based on experience and capability.


I am a customer focused people manager with 15 years’ experience working with both Corporates and small start-up businesses, managing up to 60 people across multiple sites.


In my career I have successfully built and maintained relationships with Key Stakeholders including senior management and departments within the same business as well as businesses and suppliers who I have worked alongside. This ensures that processes and procedures are in place for best service delivery to be provided to all customers be they internal or external. Our Vision and Mission at F&M Finance is to create a client focused process, designed to work around the needs they have and the ways we can meet them – the right person for the right job bringing the right solution.


I wanted to work with SME’s to bring my Corporate experience and help them create fantastic, sustainable businesses. I completed the CeMAP qualification to enable me to help them with Commercial Mortgages which I know will underpin business growth and investment and set down real roots.


I like to work with teams to ensure motivational techniques are designed to work for them and they are fully aware of the influence on the customers they have, which allows them to achieve their career goals and the goals of the business.


Our Partners, Suppliers and Mentors